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Welcome to the blog of 2eurocommemorative.ie!

Collecting euro coins is an interesting hobby, we don't need to tell you that. But what's at least as interesting is learning the backstory behind each and every coin!

What is that peculiar object doing on Belgium's 2018 2 euro commemorative coin? Who is the old man on Greece's most recent coin? And why does Italy's upcoming 2 euro coin commemorating Leonardo Da Vinci feature a woman?

The blog of 2eurocommemorative.ie will answer all your questions ;)

We'll keep you informed of all new 2 euro commemorative coins and provide you with all the information you could ever ask for! In short, the blog of 2eurocommemorative.ie is the place to be for every euro coin enthusiast!

Enjoy our blog posts below!
150th Birthday of Manolis Andronikos - 2 euro Greece 2019

  Joachim     12-07-2019     Comments (0)

The man featured on Greece 's new 2 euro commemorative coin  used to listen to the name Manolis Andronikos until his death in 1992. But who is that man? I've collected 5 facts about Manolis Andronikos for you! 1. Manolis Andronikos was born in 1919 in the Turkish city of Bursa, but his family moved to Thessaloniki shortly after his birth. 2. He studied philosophy and archeology in both Thessaloniki and Oxford and even became archeology professor. 3. Andronikos was a huge fan of the poetry of Kostis Palamas , whom you may know as the star of one of Greece's commemorative coins from 2018. 4. In addition to teaching, Manolis also led several excavations, mainly in the north of Greece (the historic Macedonia). 5. The summit of Andronikos' carreer as an archaeologist came in the Autumn of 1977, when...

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Popular Folk Song Sutartines - 2 euro Lithuania 2019

  Joachim     11-07-2019     Comments (0)

  A little while ago, in the blogpost about Estonia's 2 euro commemorative coins 'Song Festival' , I mentioned that the inhabitants of the Baltic Countries seemed quite fond of singing. Well, I've collected some more proof now to support that statement. This time, I'll be taking you on a little tour through the folkloric traditions of Lithuania ! This story begins in the northwestern part of Lithuania, somewhere in the 16th century, where a group of local ladies would often perform simple, humouristic folk songs , while their husbands took care of the musical part. These songs, known as Sutartines , were often accompanied by traditional dances. This kind of popular entertainment spread across the whole country and reached a peak in popularity in the 19th and early 20th century. Nowadays, the...

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150th Death Anniversary of Andreas Kalvos - 2 euro Greece 2019

  Joachim     26-06-2019     Comments (0)

  Andreas Kalvos . That name doesn't ring a bell? To be honest, I also had to browse the internet in order to find some information about the figure on Greece 's latest 2 euro commemorative coin . And I've combined all my findings in a short blog post! Andreas Kalvos is considered one of the most popular poets of the 19th-century  new Greek tradition . At the same time, he was also some kind of globetrotter. After his youth on the Greek Island of Zacynthos, Kalvos went to study in Livorno, Pisa and Florence, where he met and befriended Italian poet Ugo Foscolo. After a short stay in his home country, the young Andreas lived in Paris, Geneva and eventually also London, where he passed away in 1869. During his time abroad, he published collections of poems every now and then. His most...

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150 years Estonian Song Festival - 2 euro Estonia 2019

  Joachim     22-05-2019     Comments (0)

  The inhabitants of the Baltic States seem to really enjoy singing. And I'm not talking about a couple of false notes in the shower, but about real festivals! Last year, Lithuania issued a coin in honour of its Sing and Dance Festival, this year the theme of Estonia's 2 euro coin will be the ' Estonian Song Festival ' and I'm sure Latvia will follow that tradition somewhere in the future! Let's talk a bit more about that Estonian Song Festival!  With over 100.000 visitors, the Estonian Song Festival or  üldlaulupidu is one of the largest amateur choral events in the world! The event is held every 5 years in Tallinn and was added to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage list in 2008. What kind of music does the festival feature? Traditional Estonian folk musique! The...

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600 years Discovery Madeira - 2 euro Portugal 2019

  Joachim     01-05-2019     Comments (0)

I'm pretty sure we're all looking forward to the Summer. That's why I've decided to take you to an idyllic location in the Atlantic Ocean in this blogpost: the island of Madeira . Aren't you very familiar with the Portugese island? No worries, I'll provide you with 10 fun facts about Madeira! And we'll talk about a 2 euro commemorative coin as well ;)   The autonomous region of Madeira includes the Island of Madeira, Porto Santo, the Ilhas Desertas and the Ilhas Selvagens. Madeira's capital is Funchal. Thanks to its many forests and mountains, as well as its unique fauna and flora, Madeira is considered a paradise for nature loving people. The word 'Madeira' literally means 'wood'. That name comes from the many laurel forests it...

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