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Welcome to the blog of 2eurocommemorative.ie!

Collecting euro coins is an interesting hobby, we don't need to tell you that. But what's at least as interesting is learning the backstory behind each and every coin!

What is that peculiar object doing on Belgium's 2018 2 euro commemorative coin? Who is the old man on Greece's most recent coin? And why does Italy's upcoming 2 euro coin commemorating Leonardo Da Vinci feature a woman?

The blog of 2eurocommemorative.ie will answer all your questions ;)

We'll keep you informed of all new 2 euro commemorative coins and provide you with all the information you could ever ask for! In short, the blog of 2eurocommemorative.ie is the place to be for every euro coin enthusiast!

Enjoy our blog posts below!

70 years Bundesrat Berlin - 2 euro Germany 2019

  Joachim     18/01/2019     Comments (0)

The German  Bundesrat (' Federate Council ' for those with limited knowledge of the German language) is an institution that, along with the Bundestag, forms the German legislative power. We could say that the Bundesrat is Germany's version of the US Senate . Every German state has 3 to 6 representatives in the Council. The seat of the Bundesrat is the Preußisches Herrenhaus ('Prussian House of Lords') in the lovely city of Berlin . (Should you ever feel like visiting this impressive building, Leipziger Straße is the place to be!). The first Bundesrat meeting took place on September 7th 1949, 70 years ago. That explains this  2 euro commemorative coin ! 2 euro commemorative coin  Germany 2019 70 years Bundesrat Berlin Planned issue date: End of January 2019 (this...

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500th Death Anniversary Leonardo Da Vinci - 2 euro Italy 2019

  Joachim     17/12/2018     Comments (0)

The resumé of  Leonardo Da Vinci  is rather impressive: painter, sculptor, author, architect, engineer, philosopher, physicist, chemist, anatomist and composter. In sum, one of the greatest geniuses our planet has ever known! In a few weeks, Da Vinci can add 'inspiration for a 2 euro commemorative coin ' to that list! Italy , the home country of the brilliant  homo universalis , is about to launch a coin to commemorate Da Vinci's 500th Death Anniversary ! Rightfully so, if you ask me. The protagonist of the Italian commemorative coin is not Mona Lisa, but another lady straight from one of Da Vinci's masterpieces: the Lady with the Ermine . Unfortunately, the ermine is not depicted in the coin's design... 2 euro commemorative coin  Italy 2019 500th Death...

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100 years Dáil Éireann - 2 euro Ireland 2019

  Joachim     17/12/2018     Comments (0)

Dáil Éireann may sound like the name of magical creature from Irish mythology. It is, however, something completely different.  Dáil Éireann  is the Irish name of the Lower House of Ireland's Parliament (also known as  Oireachtas ). Irish is such a beautiful language! Ierland is currently on its 32nd Dáil. Het Lower House consists of 157 members ( Teachtaí Dála ), plus a chairman ( Ceann Comhairle ) and focuses, among other things, on legislative matters and the nomination of a Prime Minister. Would you like more fun facts about the Dáil? I recommend you take a look on every one's beloved friend  Wikipedia ! In 2019 the  Dáil Éireann will be celebrating its 100th birthday , the perfect opportunity  ...

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