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Welcome to the blog of 2eurocommemorative.ie!

Collecting euro coins is an interesting hobby, we don't need to tell you that. But what's at least as interesting is learning the backstory behind each and every coin!

What is that peculiar object doing on Belgium's 2018 2 euro commemorative coin? Who is the old man on Greece's most recent coin? And why does Italy's upcoming 2 euro coin commemorating Leonardo Da Vinci feature a woman?

The blog of 2eurocommemorative.ie will answer all your questions ;)

We'll keep you informed of all new 2 euro commemorative coins and provide you with all the information you could ever ask for! In short, the blog of 2eurocommemorative.ie is the place to be for every euro coin enthusiast!

Enjoy our blog posts below!

600 years Discovery Madeira - 2 euro Portugal 2019

  Joachim     01/05/2019     Comments (0)

I'm pretty sure we're all looking forward to the Summer. That's why I've decided to take you to an idyllic location in the Atlantic Ocean in this blogpost: the island of Madeira . Aren't you very familiar with the Portugese island? No worries, I'll provide you with 10 fun facts about Madeira! And we'll talk about a 2 euro commemorative coin as well ;)   The autonomous region of Madeira includes the Island of Madeira, Porto Santo, the Ilhas Desertas and the Ilhas Selvagens. Madeira's capital is Funchal. Thanks to its many forests and mountains, as well as its unique fauna and flora, Madeira is considered a paradise for nature loving people. The word 'Madeira' literally means 'wood'. That name comes from the many laurel forests it...

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25 years European Monetary Institute - 2 euro Belgium 2019

  Joachim     09/04/2019     Comments (0)

  Hip, hip, hooray! The  European Monetary Institute (aka EMI ) is 25 years old and Belgium is celebrating that event with a 2 euro commemorative coin ! 'The EM what?' I hear you think. No worries, I'll quickly tell you all you need to know about the EMI! So, the EMI is an institution founded in 1994 in order to prepare the introduction of the euro. In 1999 the EMI was renamed ' European Central Bank (ECB)' and that name might ring a bell. The handsome man featured on the Belgian commemorative coins is  Alexandre Lamfalussy ,   the first EMI President and a true hero. It's thanks to him that we're able to collect euro coins now!   2 euro commemorative coin Belgium  2019 25 years European Monetary Institution EMI Planned issue date: May...

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90 years Foundation of Vatican City - 2 euro Vatican 2019

  Joachim     22/03/2019     Comments (0)

  Flashback to June 7th 1929. Pope Pius XI an Italian dictator Benito Mussolini just finished placing their signatures under the Lateran Treaty, officially granting Vatican City the label of smallest indepedent nation in the world.  Pope Francis and his friends will make sure that the 90th birthday of the Foundation of Vatican City  won't go by unnoticed by issuing a 2 euro commemorative coin ! The coin depicts Pope Pius XI in front of the Lateran Palace, Lateran Basilica and Piazza San Giovanni obelisk. 2 euro commemorative coin Vatican  2019 90 years Foundation of Vatican City Planned issue date: June 2019 Issuance: 101.000 coins in BU FDC blister Design: Tags: Vatican ,  2019 Related blog posts: 2 euro San Marino 2019 - Leonardo Da Vinci , 2 euro...

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Finale World Cup Alpine Skiing - 2 euro Andorra 2019

  Joachim     06/03/2019     Comments (0)

  What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ' Andorra '? Tax haven? Pyrenees? Or maybe even nothing at all? It's high time to introduce you to a new side of the microstate! Andorra is situated in the mountains and, as we all know, it often snows in mountainous areas. Consequence: the tiny state of Andorra is perfect for wintersports and snowball fights! Moreover, Andorra has even been chosen as the setting for the 2019 Alpine Skiing World Cup finale ! Obviously, that prestigious event deserves its very own 2 euro commemorative coin ! 2 euro commemorative coin Andorra  2019 Finale of the World Cup Alpine Skiing 2019 Planned issue date: March 2019 Issuance: 60.000 coins in BU FDC Coincard Design: Tags: Andorra ,  2019 Related blog...

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500 years Voyage around the World Ferdinand Magellan (Magalhães) - 2 euro Portugal 2019

  Joachim     12/02/2019     Comments (0)

  The bearded man being featured on Portugal 's newest 2 euro commemorative coin is the one and only Ferdinand Magellan (aka Magalhães ). Ferdinand who? Time for a quick introduction! Magellan was born in a noble family in the Portuguese town of Sabrosa, somewhere around 1480. After spending his youth in Lisbon, Magellan decided his life could use some adventure. In 1505 he participated in several Portuguese naval missions and fell in love with the explorer lifestyle. In 1519, exactly 500 years ago, the explorer was named commander of the first ever circumnavigation of the world ! That's a great reason for a commemorative coin , don't you think? 2 euro commemorative coin Portugal  2019 500 years Voyage around the World Ferdinand Magellan (Magalhães)...

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