2 euro Luxembourg 2015 - Nassau-Weilborg Dynasty UNC
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    2 euro commemorative

    Luxembourg 2015: 125 Years Nassau-Weilborg Dynasty

    On the left of the coin is the effigy of His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri, and on the right, in a circular arrangement, and in chronological order of their accession to the throne, the portraits of their Royal Highnesses Grand Dukes Adolphe and Guillaume IV, Grand Duchesses Marie-Adélaïde and Charlotte, and Grand Duke Jean. To the right, also in circular format, is the inscription ‘1890 – Dynastie Nassau-Weilbourg’. The name of the issuing country, ‘Luxembourg’, and the year, ‘2015’, run vertically in the centre of the design.

    The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European Union.