Malta 2014 - 2 euro Independency
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    2 euro commemorative

    Malta 2014: 50 years of independence since 1964

    After modifying some aspects of the newly-granted constitution under which elections had been held in 1962 and claims for financial assistance went unheeded, the Nationalist government in August 1962 formally demanded independence. Negotiations lasted two years: although the Labour opposition supported the move in principle, there were disagreements as to what, when and how. Three smaller parties in parliament opposed an immediate separation from Britain. The Church, at odds with the Labour Party, sought to preserve its position. Given the delicate geopolitical situation in the Mediterranean during the Cold War, Britain would not let Malta go without safeguards relating to defence and security, nor would the British parliament consent to any constitution which unduly advantaged the Church.

    After a referendum on the proposed constitution – for a parliamentary democracy essentially based on a separation of powers – independence arrived in September 1964, together with a defence and financial package valid for ten years.

    For the first time after a long history of foreign occupation, Malta joined the international community as a sovereign State.

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