Those abreviations stand for the quality of coins. They are commonly used in the coin world. However, for euro coins, they might be a slight deviation on the default names. The information below concerns euro coins.

Circ: Circulated. Those coins are circulated and can be found during daily activities, eg during shopping.

UNC: Uncirculated. Those coins have never circulated. The coins are minted, fall of the conveyor in a box and are put in rolls. UNC coins are taken directly from those rolls.

BU: Brilliant Uncirculated. These coins are also not circulated. The coins are minted, but don't fall of the conveyor. Mostly, they are taken from the conveyor and packed or put in a folder.

FDC: Fleur de Coin. Same quality as BU.

Prooflike: The coins are minted in a very specific way. They look like a mirror.

BE: Belle épreuve. See Proof.

Proof: Those coins are also minted in a specific way, but with even more quality. This is the best quality of coins.